This is about the character. If you are looking for the episode search for Brobot (episode).

Brobot is one of Jimmy's inventions.


Brobot was created because Jimmy wished he could have a brother and wanted one soon. He was made by Jimmy, but Jimmy soon became jealous of how much more attention Brobot received from his friends and family and was annoyed and embarrassed by Brobot's annoying ways. Jimmy eventually built Brobot robot parents and sent them to the moon. However, the Junkman captured Brobot's parents and tried to make them into Gravadisks. However, Brobot helped Jimmy rescue the robots. He is very energetic and very annoying to a lot of peopl,e but he can very useful as well as using his head as a steering wheel.


Brobot has many abilities and armed with self-defense. Brobot also has many athletic abilities and often beats Jimmy, one of the reasons Jimmy does not like Brobot. Brobot is seen taking his head off, too.

Relationships with other characters

Brobot admires his brother Jimmy a lot, although Jimmy can't stand Brobot because he's annoying. Brobot has two parents known as Mombot and Popbot. He also seems to be very attracted to other characters and other characters seem to love him. The only character he does not like is Sheen for mentioning if Mombot and Popbot do not get rescued from being turned into the Junkman's gravidiscs, he would like one of those gravidiscs.


  • Sometimes, fans mistake his name for "Robot". 
  • In his debut, Brobot loses his nose when Hugh plays "got your nose" in the beginning. However, in his next appearance, he somehow has his nose again and in his last appearance, he is seen without his nose.
  • In the League of Villains, Jimmy and his friends thought about hiding from the villains on the moon but changed their minds when they got a message from the annoying Brobot on Jimmy's rocket monitor.
  • Brobot most likely would've returned in the season four premiere episode, "Deep Impacts", since it would've taken place on the moon.