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Broadcast Blues
Broadcast Blues (Title Card).png

The title card for Broadcast Blues.

Episode 14A
Season 1
Airdate March 14, 2003
Invention Gravitrax SK30
Previous Ultra Sheen
Next Professor Calamitous, I Presume

Broadcast Blues is the first segment of the 14th. episode of season one of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius


Jimmy lands the spot of the host on Lindbergh Elementary Public Access show! When the show fails miserably, Cindy, Libby and Brittany are brought in as producers and co-star, changing informative from "Science With Jimmy" to the flashy "Funky Jam Dance Party (with some science)". However, whenever he tries to begin his science, the girls interrupt and begin singing and dancing. Jimmy uses his AccoustaVac to make them stop, which angers Cindy. She then uses the AccoustaVac on him, and they play the music again. Nick then flips his hair, which makes the audience cheer. Jimmy then creates a real live miniature star, which no one likes, and Nick flips his hair again, and Cindy, Libby, and Brittany begin dancing again and Goddard joins them. Jimmy then makes the gravity on the set go crazy with his Gravitrax SK30, then the show ends for the day.

Principal Willoughby says the show's ratings were amazing, but they must cancel Funky Jam Dance Party With Some Science because the new network president doesn't like science, music, or dancing. Jimmy asks what does he likes, and what he prefers is puppets. So Sheen gets his show, Fuzzy Puppet House Party (With NO Science) onto the network, with Carl performing with him. While Jimmy and his parents are watching the show at home, Hugh, says that the new show is "puppet-tastic", which Jimmy says is not even a word, but Judy tells him to just eat his popcorn, and the episode ends.


Miss Fowl: "Now I will demonstrate on how a common household monkey can be taught to square-dance!"

Principal Willoughby: "Well in accordance with FCC regulation nine-seven-seven-zero-two slash J... All school-run programs must be educational having no entertainment value whatsoever."


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  • Cindy, Libby, and Brittany interrupting Jimmy's lectures is probably a reference to Club Mario, where the hosts would always ruin the know-it-all kid's lectures.
  • When Goddard and the girls are dancing, parts of Brittany's pigtails keep disappearing.
  • Sheen's pitch being "a show about nothing...nothing but puppets" which is a nod to Seinfeld, which is best described as being "a show about nothing."
  • The music playing while Sheen was performing his puppets sounds similar to The Muppet Show theme song.
  • The title of the episode is a parody of the 1987 20th Century Fox movie, Broadcast News.
  • The scene of the camera zooming into Brittany's mouth is also seen in the opening credits of Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion.
  • This is the first time Jimmy wears his lab coat, he would begin wearing it officially in his lab starting in Maximum Hugh.
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