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Beach Party Mummy
Beach party mummy title.png

The episode of Beach Party Mummy

Episode 19
Season 1
Airdate September 19, 2003
Invention Electro-Life
Previous Make Room for Daddy-O
Next A Beautiful Mine

Beach Party Mummy is 19th. episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and the season one finale.


Jimmy and his friends sneak out of school to go to Egypt after watching a boring and slow movie based on it to make everyone sleep in the classroom. They vacation on the sands until a sandstorm hits, which chases them into a pyramid, which leads to them being attacked by mummies after Carl accidentally zaps them with Jimmy's electro life ray. To defeat the mummies, the kids give Libby a new hairstyle and this allows Libby to put the mummies asleep for 10 trillion years (because Queen Hasabataslapya is Libby's ancestor). Libby likes the new hairstyle so much, that she decides to keep it. Back in class, the kids (expect for Carl) are sneaking to their desks. Carl pushes them in the way and tells Ms. Fowl that they're back. The kids startle Ms. Fowl and William. For sneaking out of class, the class gets ten demerits. But for discovering the lost tomb, they get free recess at the playground and swimming lessons at the pool all week. Carl then realizes Jimmy's life ray must've worked on reviving his beloved fish, Swimmy, who was shown dead in the beginning of the episode.




Here are the notable swimsuits the kids wear during an Egyptian Beach Party:

  • Jimmy: Red and blue swim shorts
  • Cindy: Pink one piece swimsuit
  • Sheen: Purple and white swimming trunks
  • Libby: Green, yellow and blue one piece bathing suit with a yellow hair tie
  • Carl: Red suit with white stripes


Carl: All my life I wanted to go an authentic Egyptian Beach Party!
Sheen: (referring to the statue that resembles Libby) Wow, Libby!
Maybe she's your great-great-great-great-great…
[we see a fast time lapse of the sun and the moon rising and setting, for two days]
…great-great-great-great GRANDMOTHER!
Cindy: (to Jimmy as he explains why they should leave his electro-life device behind) Good thing we're in a tomb, 'cause you're boring us to death.
Carl: Guys, we can't leave school. It's ditching and it'll go on our permanent record.
Sheen: Carl, how many times to I have to tell you? Your permanent record is just a myth. Like the Loch Ness monster, or North Dakota.
Cindy: This better not be like the time you took us to the center of the earth and all we found was a bunch of hot dirt.
Jimmy: Aw, come on, guys. This is going to be a great adventure! We're going to find the lost tomb of Queen Hasabataslapya.
Carl: (eyeing a cloud shaped like a goldfish) Wow. That cloud kind of reminds me of Swimmy.
Sheen: Uh, Carl, get a new pet: Like a pit bull! Or a wolverine! Or a friendly little alien from another planet that you can display like a freak and exploit for a million dollars!
Libby: Sheen, did you take your medicine this morning?
Sheen: (in an evasive why-do-you-want-to-know voice) Maybe.
Jimmy: I don't understand it. I can't seem to find the lost tomb.
Cindy: Duh! That's why it's called the lost tomb, not the "Here It Is, Tomb: Come Inside And Have A Milkshake!"
Carl: Ah, Swimmy loved milkshakes.
Miss Fowl: Today we will watch part 1 of Ken Burns' 97-hour on the history of mummies.
Cindy: Yawn. I'd rather chew off my own foot.
Libby: (As they're leaving the desert and tomb) You know, I think I'm down with this new look. I'm gonna keep it.
Cindy: (sarcastically) So do we have to refer to you as "Queen Libby" from now on?
Libby: (giggles) No! (jokingly) "Your Mighty Fine Royal Fabulousness" will do.
Jimmy: Libby, quick, I need you! (takes Libby's hand in his hand)
Libby: (blushes) Why, Jimmy, this is so sudden!
Cindy: (slightly jealous) Hey, what's going on?
Sheen: (also slightly jealous) It's the desert love curse! It's working its evil ways on Jimmy's heart!
Cindy: Well, I hate to admit it, but that was a pretty cool adventure, Neutron.
Jimmy: Thanks, Cindy.
[Cindy and Jimmy pause, confused]
Cindy: But I bet the next one stinks!
Jimmy: Well, who says I'm gonna invite you?!
Cindy: Who says I'd even want to go?!
Jimmy: Who says I'd want you to?!
Cindy: I wouldn't go!
Jimmy: I wouldn't let you go!
Jimmy: I did it!
Sheen: Yeah!
Jimmy: My Electro-Life works! I can bring the dead back to life!
Sheen: All right! You trampled all over the laws of nature! Way to go!
Cindy: Yeah, Terrific. Now a bunch of dead guys are wrapped in toilet paper are gonna kill us.
Carl: Um, guys? I suggest we...RUN!!
Sheen: Jimmy, next time you invite me anywhere, remind me to say "no".
Jimmy: Let's hope there is a next time!
(Jimmy's torch has gone out and everyone is plunged into total darkness)
Jimmy: Everybody! Ssh. Stand still. I'll find my torch. (he steps on Cindy's foot)
Cindy: Ow! That's not your touch!
Jimmy: Sorry.
Carl: Hey, Jimmy, I still got your electro-life thingy that makes, uh, light.


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  • Libby's suggestion that the gang wait for Harrison Ford is a reference to Indiana Jones.
  • This is the first episode where Libby wears her hair in Egyptian braids, but later adds with a pink shirt and jeans.
  • During the beach party song, Jimmy, Sheen and Carl dance similar to the band Genesis during their song "I Can't Dance".
  • This is a reference to a '80s pop music band The Bangles.
  • The Egyptian Beach Party song is a parody of the song “Surf City” by Jan and Dean.
  • This is the last episode Nick officially wears his original blue leather jacket as a regular outfit in production order, starting in Return of the Nanobots he will begin wearing a black leather jacket.
  • During the beach party sequence, Libby's scrunchie matches her swimsuit.
  • This episode is ranked #64 during the "Top 100 Greatest Moments In Nicktoon History".
  • Sheen thinks North Dakota is a myth.
  • Libby claims that she is related to Cleopatra.
  • The lost tomb of the Queen Hazabataslapya is a reference to King Tut's tomb which was lost for 3300 years.
  • When Jimmy's torch goes out and everyone is in dark showing only their eyes, it's easy to explain that the only one is Libby because we can only see one of her eyes due to the other being completely covered by her bangs.
  • Carl and Sheen's voices become more high-pitched starting with this episode.
  • Goddard, Hugh and Judy don't appear in this episode, however a sand likeness of Goddard appears.
  • This and Stranded are the only 22 minute episodes where Goddard doesn't appear, unless you count the sand likeness of him.
  • During the beach party clip, the dance Cindy Vortex does is The Swim.


  • When the gang is outside the tomb after the beach party, they are in their swimsuits. But when they're inside, they are automatically back in their normal clothes.
    • Jimmy has a lot of stuff inside his Hyper Cube, so he might have all of the swimsuits.
  • On CBS All Access (now Paramount+) and many other sources, this episode is listed as the first episode of Season 2.
  • The ElectroLife Ray works by re-stimulating brain waves. Since the brain is removed during the mummification process, the ray should never have worked on the mummies

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