Eddie Neutron, better known as Baby Eddie, is Jimmy's evil 17½-month-old cousin and Newt and Kari's son with a grown man's voice.


Eddie is mean, evil, ruthless, selfish, sadistic and bratty. He believes he is a lot smarter than Jimmy (which is somewhat accurate since he is a baby). When there are adults around, just when he talks in his normal voice, he then suddenly talks in a baby voice and says, "Goo", feigning innocence. He was plotting to do away with the entire clan so he could get Great-Aunt Amanda's inheritance. 

Despite his intelligence and adult voice, he is still as mentally immature as he is physically. He cries when he is upset, he threw a fit when Jimmy destroyed his rattle, demands his cup, and always demands a diaper change from peers and others. He always smells and has a full diaper on.


  • Eddie's attitude and behavior is quite similar to Stewie Griffin from Family Guy.
  • Since he is trapped in the dinosaur times, it is most likely that he was either eaten by one of the dinosaurs or has managed to scare them off with a 5 day old dirty diaper.
    • If his diaper was unchanged for five straight days, it would’ve resulted in serious diaper rash.
  • He flirted with Beautiful Gorgeous in "The League of Villains," but she never returned the feelings.
  • Eddie is similar in terms of behavior to Stewie Griffin from Family Guy as both are evil, are a year old, and have the ability to talk and walk.
  • He resembles Granny Neutron as an infant, as seen in "Granny Baby".
  • Eddie is the only villain to be related to any of the main characters. 
  • After finding out Eddie was evil, Great-Aunt Amanda calls him “a bad seed”.  
  • As stated in his debut, Eddie is smarter than Jimmy because he's a baby. 



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