Amber is a student in Jimmy's class. She appears in many episodes, but she barely talks in the show, but is shown to be the youngest in the class (along with Jimmy). She appears to be best friends with Cindy, Libby, Brittany and Betty, since she is sometimes seen hanging out with them. She likes to play jump rope with her friends and to listen to music with them. Her most notable appearance was in "Who's Your Mommy?" where she, Cindy and Libby were throwing Carl a baby shower for his baby. She bought him a jumper with six legs and saved the receipt in case it was a legless mass of energy. Sheen then kicked them all out of Cindy's house so Carl could give birth. She is also one of the kids who attends the campfire with Nick's story being interrupted and ruined by Bennie scaring everyone, including Carl, who fainted, and they all sobbed after Nick says, "You should have seen your faces!".


Amber appears to be the same height as Cindy, Libby and Brittany. She has blue eyes, shoulder-length blonde hair, and wears glasses and is very adorable. She wears a mint blue shirt with a white, green, and yellow flower on it, brown khakis, and brown shoes with a green stripe.


  • Not only do Jimmy and Amber share the same voice actor, they also are the youngest kids in the class, although Jimmy is younger and shorter than Amber.
  • In the second Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, she and Wendell are seen dancing together.
  • The only time she's seen without her glasses is in the film.


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