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A Beautiful Mine

Episode 1
Season 2
Airdate August 1, 2003
Invention Rocket Bus
Mining Crane
Previous Beach Party Mummy
Next Sorry, Wrong Era

A Beautiful Mine is the 1st episode of season 2 of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


The beginning starts when there is a Jimmy punching bag and Cindy is practicing karate on it with Libby as her coach. Suddenly, a meteor lands in Cindy's backyard! Cindy and Libby find some very valuable astrorubies inside the meteor. The next day, they come to the Candy Bar wearing the rubies as earrings and rings. Jimmy walks by, and reveals that those rubies are the most valuable rubies in the universe! Jimmy quickly takes them to his new rocket bus.

Jimmy takes them to an asteroid belt with the coordinates from Cindy. They locate an asteroid which is said to be the "mother-load" of aster-rubies. While on the asteroid, they use shovels to look for aster-rubies. After a few minutes of searching, Cindy and Libby find some rubies to everyone's excitement. Jimmy scans them, and sadly reveals them as Fool's Rubies. Jimmy, Cindy, Sheen, Carl, Libby, and Goddard then camp for the night. Carl makes some "Burritos" with using Goddard as a microwave. Sheen bites his, and cries in pain. He reveals a "bean" which Jimmy scans and reveals as a real astroruby. Carl takes them to an area where they find more rubies, and spend the next days mining. At lunchtime, three alien bandits named Zix, Travoltron, and Tee attack with lasers. Jimmy uses Goddard and a few inventions to subdue them. Before the bandits leave, Zix warns them of "Ruby-Madness" (a parody of Gold Fever), but only Carl takes the warning seriously, as he begins to repeatedly shout the words when he sees it happening.

Instantly, everyone becomes so greedy and they think that their rubies will be stolen from someone else. When they discover that Jimmy is hiding his rubies by holographs, Carl, Sheen, Libby, and Cindy race to the mining crane to search for more rubies. Carl accidentally raises the power to HIGH, and the laser blast causes the asteroid to implode. They race to the ship but are chased by the bandits. Jimmy reluctantly activates a hyper jump and the bandits all crash into each other destroying their space bikes but they run out of fuel and start drifting into Jupiter by its gravity. Their only choice is to substitute the rubies into fuel and they make it home. Jimmy goes to check to see if any of the rubies made it, but they've all turned to ashes. Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby get mad and chase Jimmy with their shovels.


  • Brittany: Oh my gosh! Those gems are so gorgeous!
  • Cindy: Back off Brittany! You're fogging up the merchandise.

  • Sheen: To the lab! ...Okay, to the Hover Car, then the lab! ...Okay, to Jimmy's yard, then the lab!

  • Libby: There goes Mars.
  • Sheen: Ha! Look at those tiny little moons! (sing-song) Mars has tiny moons! Ours is bigger!
  • Carl: Sheen! Stop teasing the planets!

  • Carl: Thanks, Goddard. Maybe my homemade burritos will cheer everyone up.
  • Libby: How can you misread your own readings?
  • Cindy: Yeah, Neutron. I'll bet there are more rocks in your big head than there are in the stupid asteroid. What are we supposed to do now?
  • Jimmy: I don't know. We could spend years searching the rest of the belt. We'd just be wasting our time.
  • Sheen: Hey, look on the bright side, guys. At least we still have our health. OW! Carl, what'd you put in this burrito?
  • Carl: Nothing, just some rice from the galley and some beans I found growing in the ground.

  • Cindy: How come you get to hold the rubies?
  • Libby: And a safe that only you know the combination to?
  • Carl: Ruby Madness, Ruby Madness! IT'S TEARING US APART!!!

  • Sheen: You made me tell! You want my rubies, you jewel thief!
  • Libby: Gem stealer!
  • Cindy: Will you stop shouting that?!
  • Libby: He tried to raid my ruby stash!
  • Cindy: You told me your stash was by the rocket. You lied!
  • Libby: So what? I happened to know you lied about your hiding place!
  • Cindy: Liar!
  • Libby: Crook!
  • Carl: Ruby Madness.
  • Sheen, Libby, and Cindy: BE QUIET!
  • Jimmy: What's wrong with you guys?

  • Jimmy: And that is what makes us rich: rich in friendship!


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  • The episode title is a reference to the 2001 biopic film, "A Beautiful Mind".
  • Starting in this episode, Libby wears a pink shirt, blue collar and flared jeans, and her eyelids are reddish pink. However, Nickelodeon aired this and Sorry, Wrong Era prior to Beach Party Mummy (where she was improving into her current design) in the US.
  • This episodes marks the first appearance of Zix, Travoltron, and Tee.
  • This is the first episode Libby uncharacteristically lies. The second time is Jimmy for President, and the third is Attack of the Twonkies.
  • Jimmy and the gang drift into Jupiter's gravitational field in less than a minute after escaping the bandits and leaving the asteroid belt; in reality though, even if they were traveling close to the speed of light, it would take at least a few minutes to reach Jupiter from the asteroid belt as both are at least a few 'light minutes' apart.
  • This episode premiered on the day when My Life as a Teenage Robot premiered.
  • As Jimmy and his friends were heading off to the asteriod belt, Goddard magically appears in the Rocket Bus.
  • This is the first episode of Season 2.
  • This episode is on the Attack of the Twonkies DVD.
  • The shovels they use to dig are similar in design to the lightsabers used by the Jedi and the Sith in the Star Wars saga.
  • Sheen's line, "Uh, Libby, I don't think they need no stinkin' badges," is a reference to the 1948 movie The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

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